BUDDY the Elf was AMONG US last Christmas! (FV Family I Know What You Did Last Xmas Vlog)

Last December we took the whole month off to enjoy the holidays as a family for many reasons. But we still vlogged our crazy elf on the shelf. Here's a look at Dec 2020 and now you know what we did last Christmas! haha Thumbs up for Buddz
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2019 Elf Videos
#2: ELF on the SHELF Tinfoiled Our SHOES + Dumpster Diving for Charity grlifes.info/number/yabPco3Rh6rKrJw/b-nteo
#3: FEEDING THE HOMELESS!! Tis' the Season of Giving Back like MR. BEAST ... or Not grlifes.info/number/0oSupXvQdKnbuMc/b-nteo
#4: SANTA'S BREAKFAST! and a Christmas Scavenger Hunt!
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#5: Meeting THE ROCK from JUMANJI MOVIE in NYC + Mike's NEW Song 🎵 (FV Family Music Video Elf Vlog) grlifes.info/number/1HakiKm3msiSuJw/b-nteo
#6: THE FLOOR IS LAVA Elf on the Shelf Vlog grlifes.info/number/1Gappae-e7LTzcs/b-nteo
#7: WHY I DON'T LIKE SANTA & our GOATS are going Crazy! grlifes.info/number/zpKVaavSot6ouL0/b-nteo
#8: Cockroaches & Slime for Christmas!!! Buddy the Elf on the Shelf (FV Family Holiday Vlog) grlifes.info/number/sJyxfnKVqMec2aU/b-nteo
#9: GRANNY & PENNYWISE TWINSIES w/ ELF ON THE SHELF Buddy grlifes.info/number/uqbXapjedLuuw5Q/b-nteo
#10: Popping Corn off the Cob! New Way to Pop POPCORN! (FV Family Squished Buddy the Elf Vlog) grlifes.info/number/o37Vn4i9qMuxy8s/b-nteo
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