FUNnel MOM's SURGERY (Can't hide it anymore)

What's up FUNnel Cakes, FUNnel Mom has not been doing so good the last couple months, we decided we weren't going to address this publicly, but after some silly comments we received on instagram and confusion we decided let's just tell em some of what happened. Also, all recent videos on the channel where Mommy walking normally were recorded before her surgery. She has to use a cane to get around and has a VERY LONG recovery road ahead of her and well we know you guys all care about us so it was time to loop you in! We started recording but then it was too hard for FUNnel Mom to talk about it so I (FUNnel Dad) carried on. Thanks for supporting us, we love you all.. after this video, we'll be getting back to the fun. Follow us on Instagram: @funnelvisionfam @funnelmom @ alexisryanxo
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